Master Bedroom Makeover

The Bedroom Transformation

It all started when we purchased a 30 year old fixer upper 18 months ago. The before image of our master suite is a little daunting but luckily I saw potential…. Hubby maybe not so much!

The space lacks natural light due to our entertaining area so ‘Tranquil Retreat’ was the first to go! We were very lucky in the fact the previous owners chose a simple colour palette and painted everything this colour (well except the bathrooms 🙈). Tranquil Retreat works very well in our light adorned lounge area but the same could not be said for our master! So some months ago I painted all of the walls in ‘White on White’ (a lovely crisp white that does not have any blue or purple undertones) and I left the main wall alone as I had extraordinary plans for her! 

Fast forward a few months I had collected my inspiration pieces and set about creating a vision board to bring all of my ideas together. By creating a vision board it allowed me to see the end result and ensure everything was going to work well together.

My Vision Board


 Haus of Cruze – The Carter Project

The Haus of Cruze boys are a constant source of inspiration and laugh out loud funnies. When they delivered the Carter Project last year I was in awe- the calming, coastal feel was everything I envisioned! It was the exact look & feel I was going for and I knew I just had to have those amazing pendant lights!

Bedroom goals… Those pendants

 Renee Case – Pavilion Build

I stumbled upon Renee’s Pavilion Build in her stories one day and the instant I saw her Master Suite underway I knew I had found the perfect colour! Renee was kind enough to share with me the details and well the rest is history! 

That Colour sung to me…
📷 Renee.Case

 The House on Beach road – Caitlin’s Main Bedroom

I absolutely adore Caitlin’s minimalist built in shelf that runs behind her bed (adorned in VJ panels of course) however due to restrictions with our ensuite door we opted for floating shelves instead, giving us the best of both worlds! 

Bedroom shelf goals
📷 Houseonbeachroad

 My Burleigh Reno – Alicia’s glorious haven

I feel extremely lucky to call Alicia a friend and her home transformation has been nothing short of amazing! She’s also a fellow DIY’er (you may have seen her famous Bunnings seagrass mat hack among others) and we have even joked we should do a chippy course together. Alicia’s recent bathroom renovation has me dreaming up our next reno plans already!

Bathroom Heaven
📷 My.Burleigh.Reno

 By Hart – Mandy the Shelfie Queen

Mandy really is the master of shelfies… I watched her makeover Alicia – My Burleigh Reno’s gorgeous loft space shelves and since then have been captivated. Mandy loves a time-lapse shelfie make-over and they really are the greatest source of inspiration. 

Simple, understated & perfect!
📷 By Hart

 Front Porch Properties – Rachael Turner the Builder Extraordinaire!

I have always had a love for all things DIY & renovating and when I stumbled upon Rachael’s page last year I have been an avid follower since. Rach really is a down to earth girl with killer design skills! She has her own Youtube channel filled with DIY advice and also loves getting her hands on a transformation project! This girl speaks to my heart and gave me the extra courage I needed to get things done!

I mean come on…..Amazing!!
📷 Front Porch Properties

The Process

We decided to dedicate the quiet (child-free) time after Christmas to our transformation. One weekend at a time we mapped out our plans and got to work.


The first step was to measure out the space and head to Bunnings to purchase Easy Craft ‘EasyVJ’ panels.

We followed the DIY video on Easy Craft’s website by Kyal & Kara which was exactly the confidence boost we needed to tackle it ourselves. See video here

Probably the hardest part of the install was working out the discrepancies in ceiling height due to an ageing home… we had to make some minor adjustments to the height of some of the boards and also had to cut holes to squeeze our power & light switches through.

You can watch the install of our boards over on my Instagram highlights.

These are the boards we used available off the shelf at Bunnings – ‘Easycraft’ EasyVJ


Once the boards were up it was my turn to add a splash of colour. I purchased the long nap roller with the hope it would fill the grooves however that was not to be, so I ended up using a brush to cut in and do the grooves and then rolled after. 

The Colour we went with is called Ethereal Grey by Wattyl (we had it mixed in Dulux Wash & Wear at Bunnings)

Skirting Boards:

The very basic skirting boards that run throughout our house were simply not going to cut it with our amazing new VJ panelling so we opted for a high profile skirting board available from Bunnings. Click here


After a trip to Ikea many months ago I discovered the bed of my dreams… it was perfect, blonde timber, a touch of leather and upholstered cushions, it ticked all the boxes! I put it on the back burner until we undertook our renovation and when the time came of course our local was out of stock (as was most of Australia). So we hopped in the car for a road trip to the north side of Brisbane to score 1 of 3 that was left! Of course, we came home with more but well you get that, I’m sure you all understand!

For flat pack veterans the process was rather simple and we had a new bed in about an hour… it was perfect!! Ps investing in a Hex key drill bit is a HUGE time saver and you won’t have to worry about those dreaded allen keys!

Ikea Bjorksnas bed –from $599
(bed slats are additional)

Kmart Scandi Bench Hack:

So, I decided I needed something for the foot of our bed… not necessarily to sit on but you know to look the part and style with. I was planning on knocking up a little bench inspired by Ang over at Ever So Homely but hubby said what’s wrong with this one we already have and you know what? He kinda had a point but it just wasn’t going to work….. and so the jute bench hack was born.

Click here for the tutorial


As discussed earlier I fell in love with the pendants Haus of Cruze used in their Carter Project. I knew they were an in-demand item so as soon as Christmas was over I headed in and ordered them during the Boxing Day Sales (I also saved a little extra with thanks to the Reno School graduate lifetime program). Two weeks later they arrived and we organised installation… of course this didn’t go exactly to plan either! 

Under recently updated regulations when adding new lights an electrician is required to install an RCD (safety switch) onto the circuit. Well lets just say we came home to no lights or fans in the middle of Summer and we now have to work out where the issue is in our 30 year old house – oh the joys of renovating!


Now…let’s talk lighting! I absolutely love the look of pendants but not so the switches you need to add to the (very pretty) wall. So after some research we had a light bulb moment and decided to use smart bulbs instead!

We picked up these Mirabella beauties from Kmart and they work with Google Home, Alexa and/or just your smart phone! Just simply screw in to your existing light fitting and Hey Google, turn bedroom lights on! 

We are so pleased with them!! Extra bonus is you can change between warm light, cool light and day light plus you can adjust the brightness. Big tick for the IT savvy husband in this house… winning!

Ps they are only $20!!!

Mirabella Genio Smart Globe
$20 from Kmart Australia

Floating Shelves:

The final piece in the puzzle was our floating shelves to house my ever-growing collection of prints and small décor pieces! We researched many ‘off the shelf” (pun-intended) options but either price or aesthetics just didn’t work for us… so enter my trusty companion Bunnings and their DIY videos! 

We decided on a slightly different look, rather than a picture ledge we purely wanted the shelf which is even easier to make. 

Click here to view our tutorial

The Bunnings original tutorial here

I must admit this was probably the most nerve-racking part of our transformation…we had done all the hard work and had created a beautiful space I didn’t want to ruin it or over stimulate the space! So queue lots of tape, A4 paper & photos to work out what was going to work! A few FaceTime calls to my good friend Jessie (Seascape Living) who I couldn’t have done without and we had it perfect! Now it just came down to our DIY skills…

Working out Shelf Placement
Top tip:
4 x A4 = A2
2 x A4 = A3

The Statement Piece

By doing a lot of the work ourselves we managed to saved a lot of money (minus a slight increase to the sparky bill). So with the extra money I decided we needed a statement piece, a real hero to bring the space together. I have had a love affair with all things Uniqwa since my beautiful friend Alicia (My Burleigh Reno) transformed her lounge with the gorgeous Hamali Block coffee table and after a visit to their warehouse sale I knew I had to have a piece in my home… 

The ripple stool is all sorts of amazing- natural, raw, curved & understated – the perfect piece to tie everything together!

Our saviour / reno companion

A special mention goes out to our girl Jessie from Seascape Living who was there for us from the idea stage through to completion! My hubby doesn’t tend to get too involved in the decision making process (probably should be thankful that I get to do as I please). So it was nice to have a second set of eyes & ears to help, Jessie also designed a couple of prints for us to work with our coastal theme, she is one talented lady!

Thank you Jessie Rose

Head to Seascape Living for all of your print needs pssst I hear Jessie loves custom orders too! Seascape Living


Let the fun begin…. There is nothing I love more than styling a new space. I love supporting small businesses and my new shelves are the perfect way to showcase them. I have a feeling that the shelves will be constantly changing but that’s the beauty of shelves, no need for holes in the walls that restrict what you do!


I have so many incredible small businesses to thank for their support for our bedroom renovation. We have tried to shop small for most of this space to show what can be done when a plan is put into place.

Bed & Bed Decor:

Bed – Bjorknas from Ikea

Quilt – Muse Washed Linen coverlet in light grey from Pillow Talk

Linen – Stone washed linen from Adairs

Wooden Parat Bowl – Sun Republic Home Decor


Havana Jute Lumbar Fusion – Sea Tribe 

Round leather button cushion – Sea Tribe

Olive Ramie Cushion – Feather & Oak

Bedside Table & Decor:

Ripple Bedside Table from Uniqwa Furniture

Cancun Stool – Little Boho Lane

Koko mini tray & ring cone – Keiko Handmade

Tableland Avocado & Mint Soy Candle – Wellingtons Wicks

Cayo beaded tassel & Shell disc stand – NMP Living

On the Shelves:

Bay Watch print – A2 – Seascape Living

Beach Bliss – A2 – Selnoir Designs

Mini planter pot – Rough idea Designs

Ceramic Cross – Garage Ceramics

Carved wooden bowl – Addis Boho Attic

Kokedama & ceramic dish – Kokedama By Jac

Clay Bead Garland – Project Coastal Boho

Pendant Lights

Herman Natural Pendant – Beacon Lighting

Mirabella Smart Globes – Kmart Aus

Wall Decor

Cane Vintage Replica Shelf – Au Fait Living

Cove Shell bowl – Sea Tribe

Non-VJ panelled wall

Ixxi Print – Hannah Lemholt Bohemian skull – Norsu Living

Bambury Jute Wall Hanging – Loto – Bambury

Full length Mirror – The Outlet Home Furniture


Wishbone Chair – Abide Interiors

Cushion on Wishbone chair – Pillow Talk

Rust Linen Throw also on wishbone chair – Feather & Oak

Tall Cane Pot Planter Cradle – Au Fait Living

Jute Bench – A Kmart hack, see tutorial here

Merah Rug – Fantastic Furniture

In conclusion

We absolutely love our new space, it shall become the haven while the rest of the house receives some much needed attention. 

We prefer working on projects slowly to ensure that no mistakes are made rushing and it also allows you the opportunity to change your mind during the process if something isn’t going to work. 

We have decided that this house is a can of worms… it seems every time we try to renovate something we discover a hidden surprise with thanks to previous owners shoddy DIY jobs. This simply means that when we are planning renovations we know to have a little extra money as a contingency for those odd, pesky issues that come our way!

What do we wish we had done differently?

I am actually really happy with the space… If I could change one thing it would be to have a king size bed but as we purchased a good mattress only 18 months ago in a queen size that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

I hope you enjoyed following along our Bedroom Transformation, watch this space for our next project…. am thinking the laundry might finally get finished!

Thank you for following along… I would love to hear your thoughts, submit a comment below!

Annnnd we’re done!

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  1. WOW!!!!!! I fell in love with your master suite when I saw your post on Instagram and was so excited when I saw you had a detailed blog post!!! Thank you so much for sharing all the links!! I was wondering what the paint colour is on your board wall? (My apologies if I missed it in your post!) Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

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