K-Mart Jute Bench Hack

During our Master Bedroom renovation I decided we needed a little something for the end of our bed… not necessarily to sit on but you know to look the part and style with. I was planning on knocking up a little bench inspired by Ang over at Ever So Homely but hubby said what’s wrong with this one we already have and you know what? He kinda had a point but it just wasn’t going to work….. and so the jute bench hack was born.


What you’ll need:

1 x Kmart Scandi shoe rack ($35)

1 x Jute Webbing roll from Bunnings ($12)

1 x Staple gun

Step 1: Put together scandi shoe rack as per instructions and leave off the cushion.

Step 2: Measure and cut 28 pieces of jute webbing at approx. 35cm

Step 3: Turn over chair and start stapling, from one end right to the other end keeping the jute taught and with no gaps.

Step 4: Weaving, start at one end and weave under and over until you reach the end. Continue all lengths until covered and ensure you have enough overhang at each end to staple the underside. Also alternate your under/over technique to get the weave pattern.

Step 5: Turn bench upside down again and staple all of the jute down


Video Tutorial is over in my highlights on Instagram


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