Floor Transformation

When we started on this laundry project I had a few ideas on what to do with the floors, but I should probably tell you exactly what we were working with first.

The Plan

When we first moved into this house the previous owners had created such a shamozzle that we were left with no other option but to do a quick and economical make-over on half the laundry. We removed the overhead cupboards, the old metal tub that wasn’t attached to the wall, this then led us to removing half a wall of mould ridden gyprock. We then purchased some cabinetry and a benchtop from Ikea and DIY’d ourselves a workable laundry. We also used vinyl planks from Bunnings as a quick splashback until the full reno.

Our first real DIY was a success and gave us the confidence to continue.

Fast forward 2 years, I’d had time to design our new laundry in my head and we got stuck into making it happen.

To create my vision it involved knocking out the existing (unpractical) linen cupboard in our hallway to make way for a wall length of storage inside the laundry.

By doing this we were left with an uneven floor (as the existing linen cupboard sat on the house slab). So we added some extra tiles to the floor to level it all out and then skim coated the whole area.

New entry & door created
You can see the skim coat on the tiles


DULUX – Renovation Range (floors)

I’d heard great things about this new product from Dulux so thought I’d give it a go. It comes in a 1L size and can be tinted to any colour you like. Available from Bunnings $69.90

I chose Tranquil Retreat 1/4 strength for the base coat and full strength for the stencil coat.

A sneaky little tip… to save you buying two cans of paint, if you have enough leftover you can head back to Bunnings and have them add some tint to use for your stencilling.

Stencil Tip:

Now you could go and buy yourself a stencil for this project but I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for, so enter a……sponge!

Sabco sponge $6.99 from Bunnings

I simply dipped the sponge in the paint, dabbed the excess off with a towel and got stencilling. This sponge was the perfect size to fit inside the existing tile measurements so I could get a consistent finish without measuring each one.

Once the first stencil coat was dry I went around with a small fine paint brush and touched up all the uneven edges from the sponge.


Our completed floor… a complete success.

Other thing to note: I did give the floor a light sand before we started but I was aiming for a rustic concrete effect so left a lot of the imperfections from the skim coat there.

I will be sure to update you on how well it holds up but in the long term when we re-do the floors throughout the house we will probably run them into here for a cohesive look…but for now, under $70 and I love it!

Thank you for reading, I will be posting a new blog soon about our DIY linen cupboard.

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